Noelle Hughes


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Noelle.  In addition to a full-time job I also create in my spare time for Cinderella Glass Works in hopes of a lifetime dream of becoming a successful full-time artist.

To fully engage my mind I actively pursue many different hobbies varying from fiber arts, spinning, knitting, woodworking, painting to home remodeling and decor.

I have had a talent for arts n’ crafts since I was a child, always looking forward to the next project.

I am a visual artist, which means I can usually look at a photograph and with study of it, reproduce it in the medium I am currently working with.  This is a great bonus in my working with glass as I am self taught.  Once Ron had shown me how to make a ball, a heart, a loop then it was practice, practice, practice.  We still have some of our first heart pendants! (still gives us a laugh, they look like jalapenos).

Once I was able to make decent loops for a pendant Ron gave me my head and I was off and ready for color!  Many years later (I started in 2013) I no longer make the hearts as I am too busy with flower implosions,  drop pendants, and small sculptures of humming birds, seahorses, flowers, cats, dragons exc,,,

Every item I make is completely different and unique and a great joy to make.

Come to see me at our retail store in Canandaigua, NY .  I would love to talk to your about my work.