Handmade Glass Pendants

Cinderella Glass Works is a small group of artisans that create pendants and sculptures for you and your loved ones.  Each item is individually crafted and has its own striking personality.  We have inventory that you may choose from or we will customize a personal pendant or sculpture that you are sure to love.  These  high quality handcrafted Fingerlakes region of upstate New York with all American glass.  Now we have a new gift store with some of the most amazing vendors in it!  Artisans, Collectables, Antiques and Vintage items for sale.  Handmade jewelry, Wood workers, talented painters and so much more!  Located at 222 South Main st, Canadaigua, NY next to Reinbeck's German restaurant on the same block as Byrne Dairy.  Come and see this amazing gift store!





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